Twitter is by far my favourite social media platform. I speak to a lot of people who tell me they don’t get Twitter and that’s why they don’t do anything with it, but for me, there’s nothing to get. I like to think of Twitter as fast and friendly, pleasantly free from the cliquey habits of the other main platforms. What I love most about Twitter is how easy it is to get someone’s attention. Here’s my top 3 ways of getting someone’s attention on Twitter.

How to get someone's attention on Twitter

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You have a new follower

The most obvious way to get someone’s attention on Twitter is to follow them and see if they follow back. The problem with this though is that strong Twitter profiles have more followers than followings and if no-one follows you back you’ll end up following more people than you have followers, which makes you look unpopular.

The @mention

The one thing that surely everyone knows about Twitter, even those who never use it, is if you put someone’s @TwitterName in a tweet, they will see it. What you may not know is if you begin a tweet with an @mention, it will only be seen by you, them, and your followers – not their followers. So if you’re trying to shout loud and want your tweet to be seen by their followers as well, don’t start your tweet with the @mention, put it in the body, for example:

“Hey @mention check out my amazing #blogpost [link]”

I love #HashTags

In my opinion Twitter hashtags are the invention of the century! They’ve become part of our culture. I love them. They are an amazing way to get people’s attention.

After the foolery of randomly trending hashtags, albeit fun, they are actually a perfect way to get your relevant content seen by more people. And who knows who those people might be? It could be your next client, a future business partner, the love of your life – who knows!

Thx 4 the Fave

Favouriting tweets is one of the best ways of getting someone’s attention. I favourite loads of tweets. For example, if someone has tweeted a link to an article about content marketing and they’ve used the hashtag #contentmarketing, that’s getting a favourite from me, because I want that person to know, “Hey, I’m into content marketing too, I dig what you’re doing, maybe we can work together sometime!”


I don’t see too many people using lists, but they are an awesome way to get someone’s attention. When you add someone to a list, they get a notification, so for a split second you have their attention. If you’ve given your list a relevant name, you will hold their attention for a little bit longer. For example, if I saw something like this, I’d be intrigued:

@TwitterName has added you to their list Content Marketing

How do you get someone’s attention on Twitter?

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